There is a lot more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin.


Note: This article is not intended to be formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

Even the most boring, old-world corporations are adopting Bitcoin (BTC). That means Bitcoin ain’t what the cool kids are doing. Sure, it’s worth almost $50K a pop; it’s uber-valuable and super useful; it’s just not that cool anymore.

The early adopters of new crypto trends are typing away as we speak, far away from the corporate-media-supported blockchain. Altcoins are where it’s at.

What’s an altcoin?

An ‘altcoin’ is any coin other than Bitcoin. Why is BTC the crypto-standard? Because it was the first cryptocurrency ever…

Automated notifications can change the way exchange platforms communicate with users.

Ethereum Push Notification Services (EPNS) announced its plans to launch a pilot program with Uniswap this week. The pilot program would develop a core EPNS protocol for liquidity providers (LPs) on Uniswap’s platform. Uniswap users will soon be able to get automated notifications sent to eligible wallets based on their customized needs and interests.

As cryptocurrency enters the mainstream, there is a clear push for more on-chain communication and interaction. Many decentralized apps (dapps) are operating at unprecedented levels, and with great size comes great responsibility. To stay competitive, dapps need to streamline processes and improve reliability. …

It’s time to go beyond research and fix the crypto energy problem.

Climate-concerned critics of crypto (whew that’s a mouthful) point to the massive energy use required to mine coins on the blockchain. But the solution may be easier than it appears. Big coins like Ethereum can become sustainable.

Sustainable Review

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The scoop: NFTs went mainstream. Now more people are starting to realize Ethereum has a sustainable energy problem. There is a solution.

Not all blockchains are the same: Bitcoin uses about 1% of the world’s electricity. Ethereum is the second largest coin and runs on a similar model as Bitcoin. Neither are energy efficient.

Still, blockchain technology as a whole operates under many…

“It’s a bubble.” “It’s a money laundering scheme.” “It’s a fad.” I’ve heard it all. I’m here to tell you why that’s not the case. NFTs are here to stay.

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

Physical vs Virtual Reality

Ever heard of the simulation theory? It’s basically the concept that humans will progress to the point where virtual reality will be indistinguishable from physical reality, and our current reality is a virtual simulation of the past. But we can’t tell the difference because our programming is so well advanced beyond our understanding.

That theory exists because people are starting to realize the power of augmented reality. The future of tech lives through immersive experiences, and NFTs open the gateway for unique markets within those immersive experiences.

Take a look at Waze or Maps, for an easy example. You are…

It doesn’t take a 200-pager or a Netflix series to become a minimalist.

Sustainable Review Media

It’s easier than ever to make a purchase. It’s so easy, in fact, that most people don’t realize 1) how much they buy 2) how their consumption habits impact the environment and 3) how much they can save. Yes, it is possible to practice sustainable consumption without compromising your wallet. Incorporate these 3 easy steps to become a minimalist in no time.

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Here’s how to transform yourself into a minimalist:

  1. Track your purchases and categorize them. I break my purchases into “needs” (basic modern survival stuff), “boosts” (productive buys), and “luxuries” (extra things that make life more enjoyable).
  2. Think before…

Not all plant milks were created equal. But all of them are better than dairy.

Oat, almond, soy, cashew, hazelnut, rice, pea, flax. There must be a dozen others. We’ve heard about the heavy water use needed for almonds. Or maybe the heavy fertilizers needed for soy. Let’s break a few myths and delve into the sustainability of plant milk.

Sustainable Review

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The scoop: All plant milk is more sustainable than dairy milk. But that doesn’t mean all plant milks are sustainable.

SR’s favorites:

  • Pea milk: protein-rich, noninvasive crop, good taste.
  • Hemp/flax seed milk: nutritious and low emission-based.
  • Hazelnut milk: tastes great in a cup of coffee, pollinates naturally, grows on trees.

Bottom line: Every company has…

The German shoemaker is committed to a better shoe, but we need a better process.

Is Adidas a sustainable brand?

In December, the German shoemaker announced plans to make 60% of its products using sustainable materials. They join a growing list of corporations changing their strategies to help build a healthier planet.

Sustainable Review

Let’s find out if Adidas is sustainable. Do they put their money where their mouth is?

Dig deeper → 2 min

Founder story

The active wear brand ‘Adidas’ began in the quaint town of Bavaria, Germany in 1949. It was founded by Adolf Dassler (the brother of Rudolf Dassler, founder of Puma). The fascinating origins of this brother-shoe rivalry is for an entirely different time…

These lifestyle changes take a little effort and make a lot of sense.

Microplastics are everywhere. In fact, new research suggests they can be found virtually everywhere on Earth… even hundreds of miles away from human habitation. And it’s impacting more than just the environment, it’s also affecting human health. Here are a few ways you can reduce your exposure to microplastics.

Sustainable Review

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The scoop: Microplastics can be found in every crevice of the Earth. As they become more prevalent, they are more likely to impact human health.

Top ways to avoid microplastics:

  • Filtered tap water > bottled water.
  • Shellfish = microplastic.
  • Eat more fresh food, less takeout.

Zoom out: As the global production…

There’s nothing wrong with renewables, but we aren’t ready for a fully clean economy.

Americans are ready for renewables to take over the majority of our energy needs. But we may need more time. How can America transition to a fully clean economy while severe weather impacts energy security in vulnerable areas like Texas?

Sustainable Review Media

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The scoop: Below-freezing temperatures blasted the southern US this week, prompting rolling blackouts over the past few days.

Key takeaways:

  • Texas was not prepared to deal with the energy demand spikes.
  • Natural gas & coal were not sufficient, renewables failed in freezing temperatures.
  • America still needs a cocktail of energy supply to meet increasing consumer demand.

Zoom out: The Texas…

Public officials in the bluest counties aren’t doing enough.

Last week’s Chevron oil spill reveals larger questions about the role of local politics in mitigating environmental disasters.

Sustainable Review

Yes, as many of you probably know by now, there was an oil spill at Chevron’s San Francisco Bay refinery. Over 600 gallons spilled at a rate of 5 gallons per minute, according to reports.

The spill began Tuesday afternoon. It took nearly 2 hours to contain it. For the sake of this post, I’m more interested in the PR response than restoration efforts.

Let’s examine corporate and civic responsibility alike, as Contra Costa County officials target blame at Chevron.

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The scoop…

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