Sustainable landscaping can benefit nature… and look good too.

Sustainable landscaping is a design strategy that works in harmony with local plants and wildlife. It conserves energy and water use, improves air and water quality, and can save you money over time.

As opposed to traditional landscaping, sustainable landscaping prioritizes environmental factors over aesthetics and works to encourage a…

Compost piles are useful, eco-friendly, easy to set up and easy to maintain.

April is finally here! That means it’s time to garden. Over the past few years, I’ve jumped from gardening noobie to Martha Stewart status. Is that still an acceptable reference?

Anyway, I understand how first-time gardening can be intimidating, so I’m dedicating time to sharing real-world gardening tips.Here’s …

Note: This article is not intended to be formal financial advice. Always do your own research before investing.

The latest love-it-leave-it controversy to hit Web3? It’s called BitClout. Here’s a really simple explainer for you: BitClout is a social crypto exchange built around tokens for famous people.

OK, now that you’re still reading, let’s take that a little further.

Each BitClout account is linked to a Twitter account…

It’s time to go beyond research and fix the crypto energy problem.

Climate-concerned critics of crypto (whew that’s a mouthful) point to the massive energy use required to mine coins on the blockchain. But the solution may be easier than it appears. Big coins like Ethereum can become sustainable.

Busy? Try the speed read.

The scoop: NFTs went mainstream. Now more people are starting to realize Ethereum…

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