Small is Beautiful… But Tech Is Bigger Than Ever

Jared Wolf
7 min readJun 3, 2020

In this time of volatility, let’s reflect on the current structures of society. In more ways than we’d like to admit, our system prioritizes profit over people. This me-first culture has led us to a society that builds machines up rather than families… and we’re at our breaking point.

It is disheartening to acknowledge how the prevailing thinkers of our time have prescribed to the smothered unanimity of technocracy. The US protests unfolding today are not primarily political, they’re economic… and ultimately philosophical.

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Economics as if people mattered

With so much room for innovation and improvement, this is an exciting time to live. We are nearing the tipping point of a soft revolution, where the masses are desperate for answers. Just look at the recent censorship of David Icke and London Real on YouTube. The interview received amazing ratings, and consequentially London Real’s website traffic skyrocketed — not because Icke’s theories are exclusively interesting or substantiated. The thirst for resistance and counterculture is a symptom of discontent with the answers we are being provided. Big Tech may be solving human boredom, but poorly failing the human soul.

The luxuries of the past are the necessities of today. Microwaves, cars, computers — these once novel inventions are ubiquitous objects in the Western home. Our fancy tools and gadgets have afforded us abundant entertainment and consumption. The world is literally in the palm of our hands, and living the good life has never been so accessible. But the ‘bread and circuses’ technology offer us fail to provide a deeper meaning of life rich in spiritual wisdom.

We find ourselves in the most complicated, anxious, depressed and lonely civilization in human history. This harsh reality exists whether unemployment high or low, markets up or down, housing cheap or expensive.

The modern happiness radar indicates how the ever record-breaking global economy has reached its limitation: human emotion. A fundamental shift in what we value, and how we prioritize it, is necessitated to fix it. The idea is not complicated — our needed change is rooted in the age-old maxim of ‘more is less’. The implementation, on the other hand, is difficult…

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